Competition Participation

No. Our competitions are open international competition that any individual or team (up to maximum of four members) can participate and submit an entry.

No. All entry submissions to the competition are evaluated anonymously by the Jury. The only identifying marke is the unique registration number.

Yes. The competition allows a team made up of maximum of 4 (four) members to submit a design concept.

Yes. However, this can only be done up until the end of Standard registration deadline.

All specified deadlines times are 23:59 hours (GMT).

Yes. Individuals or teams can submit multiple design concepts.

However, only one design concept per registration is permitted. This means each design concept will require a seperate unique registration number, hence a new entry registration.

Yes. And you must be the author and have right and authority to submit the design concept.

Teams may comprise of up to a maximum of 4 (four) members.

Your Unique Registration Number (URN) is the same as your order numbe. This means you can always easily refer to it in the order confirmation or receipt email sent to you on successful registration and payment.

No. Generally, there are no specified sites for the competition. Participants are free to choose and place their AI generated or assisted design concepts within any located or context - of course adhering to the theme or topic.

No. Since there is no specific site for the competitions, there are no CAD files or photographs to accompany the topic.

Participant's imagination and creative AI Prompting is the limit.

No. All design concepts must be AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated or aided. However, designs can be finished using other software if required.

Submitted design concepts may be generated based on new original work, pre-existing work using your own model or generated using proprietary algorithms.

And where a design concept has been generated using a proprietary AI algorithm or model, we recommend you check the terms and conditions of the AI tool used to ensure the legal ownership, rights and any intellectual property restrictions and terms of use.

Yes. Our competitions are open international AI Architecture and Design competitions - unless specified otherwise. This means participants from any country unless restricted by international embargo from making registration fee payment and receiving award prize payouts.

Entries Payments & Refunds

Participants can securely pay the relevant registration fees using:

• Debit or Credit card.
• Paypal account.

No. All competition entry / registration fees are non-refundable.

We recommend you carefully consider the topic and be sure you wish to enter and participate in the competition before registering.

Should you experience issues with registering and paying for your entry, then please contact our team using the contact form ("Rgistration Issues" or "Payment Issues") as the subject of the message.

Our contact form can be located here:

If you have a promotional coupon or promo discount code for a competition, simply enter it during the checkout stage of your entry order and proceed to completed your order.

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