AI Architectured - International AI Architecture & Design Competitions

AI Architectured is the first competition platform dedicated primarily to showcasing Artificial Intelligence (AI) assisted or generated Architecture & Design. Such concepts are either partially or wholely generated using some of the impressive AI tools available to architects, designers and other creators.

Our competitions are a way of focusing and harnessing some of the somewhat wasted or unfocused AI architecture and design outputs we see on social media with a chance of an award and reward for such level of productivity.

Such competitions are an opportunity for architectural and design experimentation, exploration, investigation, speculation and discussion. Hence, the topic and parameters are always open, broad, flexible and to a certain degree, referential, given that we are interested in motivating architects, designers and other creatives to provide their own unique “point of view" - with concepts and designs that push the very limits and boundaries of what is possible in the built world.

With monthly competitions based on a set but broad topic which architects, designers and other architects can respond to by adapt existing ai architecture concepts or generating an entirely new design with prompts and perspectives to match the set topic. Winners will be selected by either a judging panel evaluation or combination of that and public vote in some cases. And as the competition grows and sponsors increase, we hope to increase the prize fund.

3 Simple Step Process

Our competitions follow 3 (three) simple and easy to follow steps for entrants and participants:

Participants read the short brief and criteria for competition.


Submit AI design concept and pay any entry fees.


Win award and prize if selected by jury or public.

Goodluck to all participants and let the best AI prompt win.